Animal Welfare Work South Africa

Vulpro is a vulture rescue organisation near Hartebeespoort. They are the leading vulture conservation centre in South Africa as well as being a world renowned organisation. Vultures are highly endangered and a vital part of the circle of life and our ecosystem.

To put it in perspective there are only 4000 pairs of white backed vultures and 8000 pairs of Cape vulture left in the wild. This makes these highly endangered birds! The are sadly dying at a very alarming rate due to numerous reasons such as electrocution by power lines and poisoning by ignorant people.

Vulpro under the excellent leadership of Kerri Wolter has the largest population of captive vultures in SA. These are birds who have been rescued and are then either rehabilitated and released wherever possible or if severely injured and release is not possible they are placed into a breeding colony and the captive bred vultures then later released into the wild. Over the last 10 years Kerri and her team have released the equivalent of over 10% of the remaining population of birds back into the wild.

This is significant!! The Bromhof Vet team in conjunction with our other clinic in Broederstroom are blessed to be able to help Vulpro by operating on injured birds – we repair wing fractures, leg fractures or sadly as a last resort have to amputate wings which if left would kill the bird. These birds then go into the breeding colony to successfully breed at Vulpro.