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We are very blessed to be associated with this amazing organisation! We love them because they do welfare differently and SO effectively!! Instead of having a central facility like most welfare organisations, where they confiscate and rehome animals they have found a way to address the root cause of poor animal welfare in townships. They employ full time animal health technicians to work in various areas who then go around and educate the local people in that area on how to provide better care to their animals.

They also do primary health care such as vaccinations, mange treatments and control, as well as tick, flea and deworming treatments on these animals on a daily basis. They remove chains and provide leads and collars and blankets and a bucket of food for the animals and have taught countless people how to better care for their pets. Bromhof Vet is very proud to be associated with such a brilliant and selfless organisation!

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Every week Oscar and Elvis, two of their animal health techs, bring sick or injured animals into the clinic for treatment which is done at cost price. We also sterilise two Kathlehong dogs every week free of charge.

Twice a year we then in conjunction with Animal Allies, go into the Kathlehong township and hold mass sterilisation days where we partner up and gather about 60 volunteers and sterilise, vaccinate and treat as many animals as possible on the day. At our last spay day we managed to sterilise 150 animals and hundreds more were provided with food, vaccinated and dewormed.

In the two years since we started working in Katlehong we have noticed a VERY significant improvement in the condition of the animals, the care they receive from their owners and a dramatic decrease in contagious debilitating diseases such as mange and parvo virus.

We commend Animal Allies and their work and recommend you consider volunteering your time at one of their outreach days. Please follow the link below to their website and facebook pages and consider donating to them and be part of this sustainable difference!

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