Pet Wellness Programs

Preventative Pet Medicine

At Bromhof Vet Clinic we advocate early detection and prevention of medical conditions as opposed to trying to reverse a condition that is too far advanced. Come in and speak to any of our staff about our routine screening and geriatric profiles to help ensure your best friend is in top shape!

Preventative Weight Management

Just as with humans, it is dangerous to your pet’s health to be overweight. Problems that can occur due to obesity include early onset arthritis, diabetes mellitus, increased surgical and anesthetic risk. Weight management often becomes the focus of our Pet Wellness Programs

Preventative Vaccinations

 Vaccinations are also an essential part of preventative medicine.   We advise an annual health check and vaccination on all dogs and cats.   The annual check up allows us to pick up minor problems before they become major ones, while the vaccinations are a big must in South Africa!

Protect Your Special one with our Pet Wellness programs

Annual Health Checks

Annual health checks give our veterinarians the opportunity to prevent, diagnose and treat problems before they become life-threatening. Because pets age so rapidly, major health changes can occur in a short amount of time. The risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity, arthritis, heart disease and other serious conditions all increase with your pet’s age.Annual Health Checks are also a great opportunity to ask us about pet nutrition, behavior and other issues. Give your best friend every opportunity to live a long, healthy and happy life. Preventative Pet Medicine and screening could save your best friends life.

Blood tests

While annual wellness checks are strongly recommended, a thorough physical exam is not enough to check how our pet’s internal organs are functioning.  Blood tests are therefore very important in assisting our veterinarians in diagnosing problems and illnesses in our pets. Pets require blood tests for many reasons. They are used prior to anesthetics to identify problems that could arise and to adjust medications used for a procedure. They are used to screen for underlying diseases that cannot be picked up by a physical examination or identify diseases common to a specific breed. They can be used for monitoring the effects of certain drug therapies.