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We offer a variety of soft tissue pet surgeries as well as certain orthopaedic procedures. We recommend all surgical patients be screened for safety prior to anaesthesia and are offer in house pre-anaesthetic blood tests. We also tailor the anaesthetic to suit your pets needs and condition to make it as safe as possible. We use a separate, scrubbed  theatre, equipped with anaesthetic monitoring equipment and all anaesthetics are given under the supervision of either a vet nurse or a vet.

Your pet’s pre-anaesthetic test

Anaesthetic risk is greatly minimised when a “healthy” pet is placed under anaesthetic. However if your pet is not “healthy”, complications can occur both during and after an anaesthetic. To fully assess your pets overall health, it is necessary to perform a blood test prior to anaesthesia. This test examines your pet’s major organs such as the ability of the liver and kidney to rid the body of drugs and medications. Our healthcare team will discuss pre-anaesthetic testing with you further.

Fluid therapy

Intravenous fluids will help your pet’s liver and kidneys flush out anaesthetic drugs and maintain better blood pressure during surgery. This means a safer anaesthetic and faster recovery for your pet.

Pain Relief

Pain relief is provided to all pets. We also provide take home medication so your pet can continue to recover comfortably on their return home.

Sterile surgery and dedicated theatre

Just as in human surgery, the Bromhof Veterinary team has a dedicated surgical theatre and instruments are sterilised prior to use.


The nursing staff will monitor your pet before, during and after surgery and will ensure you pet is kept in a comfortable and warm environment.

Soft Tissue Surgery

 The most common reason for pets to undergo soft tissue surgery (apart from sterilization) is to remove a lump or growth.  The other reasons for undergoing surgery are investigating gastrointestinal problems such as blockages or perforations, repair of a skin or muscle wound, abscess or cyst drainage.