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FREE Dental Checkup

Regular professional pet dental cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your pet’s health. You can imagine what your own teeth would look like after 5 years of not brushing  and there are various factors which can contribute to making your pets teeth painful and infected such as their age, breed, food and any damage such as from bones or stones.

It starts with a build up of tartar on the teeth which can lead to gingivitis. The bacteria and toxins found in the infected tooth can spread systemically by entering the bloodstream and then affect any other organ in the body such as the heart or kidneys, these animals then later present with heart or kidney failure which we could have prevented with proper dental care.

Does Your Pet Have

·       Bad breath

·       Build up of tartar

·       Inflammed gums

·       Difficulty eating hard food

·       Dribbling/excessive salivation

·       Sore mouth

·       Pawing at the mouth

Take a minute to lift your dogs lip and look at the teeth – especially those at the back of the mouth! We offer free dental check ups where our friendly and trained staff will assist you in your pets dental health needs. Please contact reception for an appointment. We have start of the art modern dental machines and equipment to enable us to scale and polish your pets teeth to remove tartar and help prevent future build up.