Nutrition is an ever-evolving science. Animals have different nutritional needs, based on factors like their age, breed, size and individual medical needs. Feeding your animal a good quality diet formula is the single most effective way to keep them healthy and lengthen their lives. Good nutrition will help your pet to grow adequately as a puppy/kitten, have a healthy immune system to fight disease as an adult and finally to age gracefully into their golden years.

Most dog owners are not aware of the tremendous difference in quality between various available pet food brands. Animals, like us, generate their energy from protein, fat and lastly carbohydrates. When evaluating a pet food it is important that these key nutrients are not only high on the ingredients list but also that they are from good quality sources. Often cheaper pet foods use poorer quality proteins or increase the amount of grains and other carbohydrates to bulk up their food.

A lesser quality diet may be cheaper but may result in large/giant breed puppy with bone deformities due to being fed too much calcium in their diet. Some diets have too much protein which may contribute to kidney disease in the long term. In the end of the day the saying “you are what you eat” stands true.

This is why we at Bromhof Vet only advise the best for your pet. We stock only the best quality veterinary diets to provide your pets with the most appropriate diet to improve and maintain good quality of life. Hills Veterinary Nutrition is one of our main suppliers as they have years of research and trials behind their foods. Plus they offer great incentives and support for clients to help them to make the right choice when it comes to their pet’s diet.  Years of research has proven time and again that these perfectly balanced diets will help enrich and lengthen your pet’s life.

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