Pet Physiotherapy

We have an onsite heated hydrotherapy pool and the services of a trained animal physiotherapist.

Hydrotheraphy is a great way to rehabilitate your pet after injury or surgery. It is also great for old arthritic dogs to help build muscle mass to support their painful joints or for overweight dogs to give them a good work out.

It is a good cardiovascular work-out which places very little impact onto joints and results in great rewards! At Bromhof Vet we offer basic hydrotheraphy for you dog. It can play an important role in a fitness regimen or for rehabilitation.

Is Your Pet:

  • Recovering from a recent orthopaedic surgery?
  • Have ongoing pain from an injury?
  • Have back problems such as a prolapsed disc?
  • Overweight?
  • Old and arthritic?
  • Requiring physiotherapy for any reason?

Then hydrotherapy and physiotherapy can change their lives!

Pet physiotherapy
Hydrotherapy for pets at Bromhof Vet Clinic Randbrug