Grooming Parlour

We offer in house grooming for both dogs and cats. Our lovely and experienced groomer, Chance, is often caught softly talking to and stroking the dogs in for grooming to keep them calm and reduce any stress they may feel as a result. The grooming parlour is completely separate from the hospital in a tranquil environment to ensure no grooming patients are excessively stressed or at risk of picking up diseases or fleas.

We sterilise and clean our grooming parlour daily and practice very strict hygiene so you can rest assured your furry friend will be safe in our care. We also offer medicated baths for those dogs with special needs. We recommend all long haired dogs get groomed regularly, every 6-8weeks, especially if they are not groomed at home to keep their coat in a good condition and prevent it getting excessively matted.

All cat groomings are done under the supervision of one of our vets and given a light sedation to reduce stress, we feel it is not fair to do them awake as we find the majority of cats become excessively anxious while being bathed or shaved. Grooming is ideal for any long haired cats whose coats have a tendency to get very matted easily

Grooming Parlour

 We have an on-site grooming parlour with our experienced groomer, Thandi. She works under close supervision of the practice staff. She will often alert us to medical conditions and skin problems which would otherwise go unnoticed until a much later stage! We are also able to offer medicated baths for those animals with skin conditions needing specialised and regular care.

Each grooming automatically gets a tick and flea dip and a nail trimming! We recommend a groom every 6 weeks to keep your pets coat in prime condition!Enquire at reception for our loyalty programme and get every 8th groom for free!

Pet Grooming at Bromhof Vet Clinic Randburg