V and Lara

Bromhof is like one big happy family and they make us feel part of this family in every way. They are passionate and care for our dogs as if they were their own. I can recall plenty of times where they have messaged us late at night or early morning to enquire how our dogs are doing.
They are thorough and will do everything humanly possible to get to the root cause of a diagnosis. I love the way they take the time to explain to us, in detail, a diagnosis even if that means going into the X-Ray Room to show us results etc 🙂

With the recent loss of our boy, Quito, they were absolutely phenomenal. The kindness, empathy, love and effort that was made to keep our boy comfortable will never be forgotten.

We have accompanied Le -Anne and her team on various Sunday’s where they go to care for animals from disadvantaged communities or participate in charitable work. The entire team willingly get involved and often work long hours into the night thereafter to ensure all the animals are treated and comfortable.

This passion, dedication, teamwork and love for animals is why we love all the Bromhof staff.

V and Lara

Carina De Villiers

I am so proud to be a part of the Bromhof Vet family. I love every single staff member at the practice. I respect and appreciate the vets for everything they do for me and my boys. When Captiain had his MCT removed I knew my boy was in the best hands possible even though a lot of people warned me against the procedure I knew that I could trust my vet with my boys life.

When I lost my baby boy Dexter in February, the compassion and love we received from the team really blew me away. The vets just add that special touch with them sometimes sending messages late at night to check on how a sick baby is doing. I am blessed to know that my furkids are always treated with so much love. Thank you Bromhof vet. I always feel right at home there.

Carina De Villiers

Meyer Family

The team at Bromhof Vet are professional, efficient, thorough and insightful, most importantly they are also friendly, caring and compassionate.

I love that Le-anne and her staff give back to the community, every day they care for animals from disadvantaged communities and their charitable work continues throughout the year. I think charity work is a true reflection of one’s character. 😊

We make use of the grooming service on a monthly basis for our 5 dogs and their medical needs are always well taken care of too.

We have come to know everyone at the practice over the years and have always found them to be warm and passionate about their jobs, we always feel welcome and receive personal service.

You can’t go wrong when using Bromhof Vet.

With Love, the Meyer Family

Debbie O’Sullivan

I have moved house many times and for this reason and others, I have taken my very loved vets to a number of different vets in Johannesburg over the years – and I’m not one of those people who avoids taking my dogs to the vet…J  One of my dogs has many health problems and since he has been under Bromhof Vet’s care, his medical problems have stabilised, he’s happy and has lived years longer than I was previously told he would, and for which I will be eternally grateful.

The people working there are the kindest and most empathetic I have known at any veterinary practice and they genuinely care; their charity work is evidence of this. The Vets don’t recommend any treatment or procedure unless absolutely necessary and in the pets’ best interest. I have been visiting Bromhof Vet for a number of years now and I hope to do so for many years to come.  Thank you and thank you again.

Debbie O’Sullivan

Megan Blom

I first started going to Bromhof vet in 2002 when I got my Labradors (Kingston & Cheyenne). At the time they were the closest and most convenient vet to use.

Lee-anne took over the vet around about 2010/2011 and I was completely blown away by her hands on, loving approach. The team of veterinarians at Bromhof took over the care of my Labbies when they were 9 years old and officially in their “golden years”. Every single person from the receptionist to the doctors and the handlers treated me and my dogs with the utmost care, respect and love. Putting my dogs down is without a doubt one of the most difficult things I have faced in my life and I could not have done it without the beautiful souls at Bromhof Vet.

A year later we adopted two Pitbulls and we moved house (further away from the vet) but I will continue to take my adopted family to Bromhof Vet as I can’t imagine going through my next journey without them!

Thanks a lot,

Megan Blom


Shuveny Bower, Paws from Heaven

“I have been in the rescue business of felines for over 23 years. For years I visited another veterinary hospital, and was sad to leave as I was accustomed to a high standard of care and advice.


For the last 6 years, I have been visiting Bromhof Vet Clinic. The first moment I walked in – it felt like being at school without your homework, the nervousness on explaining who I am and what I do. What a pleasure it was to interact with the ladies and reception, and the blessing of meeting the now owner Leann.


What really gave me peace of mind and the assurance of knowing that I can expect the same if not BETTER treatment, was the day I received a call from one of the veterinary practitioners, asking on the well being of one of my MANY felines, after a visit and an overnight in hospital. Imagine my surprise…


When we as humans visit the doctor we are able to hand our names and give basic information on what the ailment could be. I was pleasantly surprised with the questions and the amount of emotional support that came with the practice veterinarians. No door is left unlocked in finding ways and new treatments or sharing of information towards an “owner” of a patient.


To find human beings that have a passion for what they do is rare, even in the animal business. My furkins are greeted by their names, I am kept up to date with information on their well-being should they stay overnight. Even if I just need some advice on something, they find the time to get back to me and are always willing to listen, no matter the pressure of the day, or the stress that comes with it.


The compassion extended when the last journey is taken by a bruised and battered body, is truly something to cherish.


Being greeted by Scar on my trips is also such a blessing, the amount of homeless, abandoned and hurt animals I have seen you care for over the years, is unbelievable.


Bromhof Veterinary – you have a permanent paw-print in my heart, so say all of us.


Shuveny Bower, Paws from Heaven

Priscilla and Donatello Hitchbitti

Our lives started at the Bromhof Vet, we were the unwanted babies of a “stray” cat. Our first friendly voice was that of Dr. Leanne, who from that first moments made us feel loved and everything other than unwanted.

The day we met our new daddies was a very sad day for them as they had just lost their big Rotti boy, Pluto, to cancer.  The staff and doctors at Bromhof Vet, helped our daddies deal with the pain of losing their big boy by being sympathetic and caring, understanding that their pets were far more like children than pets.

Dr Leanne, said to our daddies, “have a look at these little sweet-hearts, they will cheer you up”, and we did.  That day our daddies opened up their hearts to us and gave us the best home ever.  Over the past 18 months we love our visits to Bromhof Vet, and the chance to see our “god-mother”.   We are always greeted with excited smiles and lots of fuss.

Our favourite sister (but don’t tell her that), a Maltese poodle called Yildiz, loves her visits to the groomers, we find her very funny looking when she returns but it’s so much fun chasing her fluffy tail non-stop.

We are very grateful that we have not been seriously ill and our daddies do everything to keep it that way, even though we don’t always do as we are told. But if we ever do get ill, we know that we will be in the safest and most capable hands around.

Our family at Bromhof Vet is so much more than just our doctors; they also take care of our teeth, our weight and our nutrition, we love them.

Thank you Bromhof Vet, we love you purry, purry much!

Prissy and Donald.

Abigail and Wesley Posthumus

The Bromhof Veterinary Practice is our second home, after our Mom adopted us on June 16 2010, we were very ill and we were rushed off to the Vet on the morning of the 17th, we were so frightened, as we thought she may be leaving us somewhere again 🙁 but we were given lots of cuddles after our visit and the Vet gave us each a yummy treat.

Every time we visited over the months we became less frightened and more and more excited to be visiting the Vet.

We now know when we are going to visit the Vet as Mom tells us and we jump excitedly into the car and can’t wait to get out when we arrive at the Practice, so much so that poor Mom has to hold on tight to us.

I’m so clever that I even know which consult room to go into now and sit on my own the scale to weighed, yip that’s me clever boy Wesley 🙂

Well I’m still scared if the try cut my nails but I’m no longer afraid to go into the consult rooms and I just love to visit Dr LeAnne and Dr Mel they are so kind and we get lots of kisses and cuddles; yip that’s what I like most the love and kindness they show me, yip I’m Abi and I’m a sweet girl who just loves cuddles.

When our Older Brother Jasper fell ill earlier this year he was away a lot at the Vet and Mom would go visit him all the time, but every time she came home and we did not see our Bother with her, Mom would say don’t worry, Jasper is cozy and comfy and getting lots of love and care, and when Jasper went to Heaven Dr. LeAnne drove all the way in on a Sunday to help Jasper and Mom, our Mom was so sad and cried a lot but we knew that he was at peace and that the Doctors did all they could.

We love our Vet they all rock there in fact they are so freakin PAWSOME 🙂

Licks and kisses from Abi and Wesley 🙂