One of the biggest challenges and responsibilities of owning a pet is the cost of vet care when they need it. Vets have a reputation for being “expensive” however if you consider a few important facts you will find this is not the case.

Firstly your animal cannot talk, they thus cannot tell us how they feel, where it hurts or what is wrong with them. Only by a process of diagnostic tests and elimination can we determine what is wrong with them before we can adequately treat them.

At Bromhof Vet we are not the cheapest clinic in the area, there are a number of reasons for this. Firstly we pride ourselves in practicing at the highest standard of Vet care that is available, we do not take shortcuts or “shotgun” treat and hope it works. We try to do things the correct gold standard way as we believe this is not only the responsible thing to do as a vet but also in your pets best interests. On a weekly basis we see patients as a second opinion who had been seen before and given repeated courses of different antibiotics without a single test being run.

The condition recurs and we then see them, run a few basic and simple tests and can make an accurate diagnosis and treat accordingly for a proper solution to the problem. In a time when antibiotic resistance is a huge concern (there are some studies which postulate that as people we will only have the use of antibiotics for another 50 years and then all known antibiotics will be have resistance against their efficacy of action resulting in people once again dying from simple otherwise easily curable conditions as we did prior to the discovery of antibiotics) this is more important than ever that as vets we do not just dispense antibiotics unnecessarily.

One of the biggest incorrect assumptions clients make is phoning around to compare pricing for a given procedure, for example you call 4 different vets to ask what the price of a spay will be and get 4 different quotes, you then go with the cheapest and assume anyone charging more than that is pocketing the rest and thus “ripping you off”.

This is not the case and as with all things in life you need to compare “apples with apples”.

We cannot comment about what is charged or done elsewhere but we can explain what we do and why it carries a higher pricetag compared to many other practices that our team members have worked at in the past which may take some or all of the shortcuts laid out in the tables below.

Lets look at a simple procedure like a spay and compare the way it is are done at Bromhof Vet and the possible cheaper way of doing the same procedure:

A Spay at Bromhof Vet

A Cheaper Option

  • Comprehensive clinical examination done on every patient before being placed under anaesthetic
  • Every Animal will have a blood smear taken at no extra charge. This is done to rule out parasites in their blood like biliary for example and to make sure that there have adequate platelets (no bleeding tendency at hand). We can also determine if there is anything abnormal with the red and white blood cells.
  • Animal weighed and accurate drug dose worked out for the individual patient
  • Anaesthetic drugs used are safer but more expensive
  • Anaesthetic drugs used are selected to suit the individual patient in terms of their breed, age, medical conditions, risks
  • A new needle and syringe is used on each patient (sterility)
  • A pain injection is given prior to surgery so when they wake up it is already working
  • Animal is intubated (reduces risk of aspiration whilst sedated)
  • Animal is placed on oxygen during the surgery
  • IV catheter is placed in every single animal – eliminates risk of anaesthetic drug causing skin to die off if it leaks out of a vein, ensures IV access if there is a complication while under anaesthetic for quick life-saving intervention
  • Animal is placed on monitoring equipment during the procedure
  • Anaesthetic drugs are administered by a vet or nurse
  • Sterile gloves are used
  • A new sterile set is used for the surgery
  • The animal is monitored closely until it is completely awake and safe
  • Fewer procedures are booked per day so each animal is afforded additional time and monitoring
  • Proper sterile suture material is used
  • Post op pain medication is sent home with the animal for pain control. A spay is a major and very painful surgery
  • We give each animal enough recovery time before they are sent home. For 2 reasons: We can monitor them closely make sure that they have fully recovered from their procedure. We don’t want a still groggy pet to leave our property and have a risk of hurting itself due to not being able to walk normally.
  • We take our time to give you an in-depth discharge of your pet and answer all questions you might have.  These will always be done by either a Vet or a Vet Nurse.
  • We offer a free 24hour post-OP check-up for your own peace of mind and we will do a check -up call 1-2 days afterwards.
  • Placed immediately under anaesthetic without a clinical examination
  • No blood smear is taken, therefore no idea if there is any underlying illness or bleeding disorder.
  • Weight of animal is guessed and the quantity of drug estimated.
  • Anaesthetic drugs used are the cheapest ones available, not always the safest
  • The same drugs are used in all patients regardless
  • Needles and syringes are reused on multiple patients
  • No pain control is given
  • Animal is not intubated (increased risk of aspiration while sedated)
  • Oxygen may not be used during the procedure
  • A needle is placed in the vein and drug given through the needle. Increased risk of needle penetrating the vein & drug leaking into surrounding tissue causing it to die off. No IV access if complications arise under anaesthetic and animal will likely die easily if something goes wrong.
  • Little or no monitoring equipment is used
  • Anaesthetic drugs are administered by a kennelhand/assistant
  • No gloves are used
  • Instruments are re-used on many patients in one day, by the time they are used on more than a few patients the sterility has decreased and there is a risk of infection
  • The animal is placed in a cage with no post-op monitoring as they need to move onto the next patient
  • Many patients booked on one day, reduced ability of staff to monitor them pre and post anaesthetic and surgery
  • Cheap fishing line is bought from the local fishing shop and used
  • No pain medication is sent home as it adds to the price. Animal suffers as a result.
  • Pets are sent home within an hour after procedure has been done.
  • Animals are sent home by reception staff, without much information for the owner.
  • No follow ups done

The same is true for all the other procedures that we do. Please feel free to come and discuss this with us at any time. So you can rest assured that if you bring your animals to Bromhof Vet we will be giving them only the best. There are a number of ways you can ensure you can afford the best for your pet and when needed don’t have to take short cuts in their care and treatment because of costs.

Wellness plans:

Sign up to one of our wellness plans to ensure you offer your pet the best in preventative health medicine. This means taking care of them in the best possible way by a cost effective approach that results in less illness and disease as well as picking up any problems much earlier when they can be reversed or managed well as opposed to picking them up when it is advanced and your pet gravely ill.

Credit for Vet Expenses:

We do not offer accounts. Unfortunately in the past the track record is that 95% of people we have given accounts to do not pay. We are also not a registered credit provider nor can a small business like ours operate on a negative cash flow basis for very long so we require all work to be paid for at the time and we thank you for your understanding in this matter. However, if you choose not to put your pet onto medical aid we suggest you have a prior arrangement, with a friend or family member, to borrow money from them in the event of an emergency – be prepared for these emergencies before they happen because they can and will happen even in a seemingly healthy pet and it is your responsibility as a pet owner to be prepared for if this happens to your pet!! If this is not an option and you are credit worthy we are able to offer you the services of Mediwallet, they are a registered credit provider and will offer short term credit for emergency vet bills should you require it.