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The Bromhof Vet Clinic was established in the 1980’s and has proudly served the surrounding community for the last 30 years. It is currently owned by Dr Le-anne Kleynhans who took over the practice in December 2011. Le-anne and her team are passionate about providing a top quality service and the gold standard of vet care for her patients and through many years experience in the industry have come to see that there is a cheap and quick way to be a vet, which is not always in the patients best interests or that there is a proper way to do things.

Like all things in life when you do things on the cheap you will not get a proper job and often run into problems later on down the line, it is not different in the medical industry. We thus pride ourselves on offering proper medical work up’s, providing top class surgical methods and materials and not compromising by taking shortcuts with your precious pets lives and well-being! We are very aware that our patients cannot talk and tell us how they feel and thus it is our responsibility to give them the best possible care and treatment we have available to us. Bromhof Veterinary Clinic promotes responsible pet health care!

Dr Le has 11 of her own dogs and lives near the Hennops River with her husband and 3 year old son, Logan. She also has 2 horses, 5 sheep, 4 geese, 2 rabbits and a number of chickens!! Her dogs are a very huge part of her life and thus she will always only want nothing but the best for them and thus offers you that same standard for your pets! She is also very passionate about underpriviledged communities and believes that we can all contribute to a better South Africa by being involved on some small level.

She is involved in multiple animal welfare organisations and through the Bromhof Vet Clinic, sponsors large amounts of vet work in rural communities who cannot afford it. She also helps a number of animal rescue centers by giving them discounted sterilisations and treatments. Her other big love is LIV village, an amazing programme for orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa and she is very involved in LIV in jhb. She also owns the Broederstroom Vet Clinic in Hartebeespoort.

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Bromhof Veterinary Clinic Facilities

We have a well-stocked modern hospital. This is where we diagnose and treat patients & prepare them for surgery. Any patients requiring intensive care are also kept here, where our staff can keep a very close eye on them. We pride ourselves in your pets comfort and well-being & strive to maintain a clean and hygienic yet comfortable hospital at all times. Any animals with contagious illnesses are kept in separate isolation room to ensure no diseases will spread to other patients.

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We have a fully stocked theatre where we practice high standards of surgical sterility and take proper precautions to ensure your pet is as safe as possible whilst undergoing a general anaesthetic. There is always a risk with any anaesthetic so we offer pre-anaesthetic blood screening, do a full thorough clinical examination on each animal prior them undergoing an anaesthetic (so that we can customise the type of anaesthetic used to minimise the risk) and use the safest drugs and monitoring methods available.

We have a very good track record and can proudly say we very seldom have any anaesthetic complications or patient deaths as a result of our intense commitment to making each individual anaesthetic as safe as is humanly possible. We also book a limited number of procedures per day in order to ensure we can give each animal sufficient time and attention to reduce risks. When a patient is found to be high risk we are also able to call upon the services of Dr Kenneth Joubert, a specialist Anaesthetist.

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All hospital patients get walked a number of times a day depending on their condition. We have a tranquil spacious garden where our staff take the animals for long leisurely walks.

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We have newly built outside cages, they were designed  as being large & spacious and with a view of the garden to reduce stress.

We offer in house grooming for both dogs and cats. Our lovely and experienced groomer, Thandi, is often caught softly talking to and stroking the dogs in for grooming to keep them calm and reduce any stress they may feel as a result. The grooming parlour is completely separate from the hospital in a tranquil environment to ensure no grooming patients are excessively stressed or at risk of picking up diseases or fleas.

We sterilise and clean our grooming parlour daily and practice very strict hygiene so you can rest assured your furry friend will be safe in our care. We also offer medicated baths for those dogs with special needs. We recommend all long haired dogs get groomed regularly, every 6-8weeks, especially if they are not groomed at home to keep their coat in a good condition and prevent it getting excessively matted.

All cat groomings are done under the supervision of one of our vets and given a light sedation to reduce stress, we feel it is not fair to do them awake as we find the majority of cats become excessively anxious while being bathed or shaved. A grooming is ideal for any long haired cats whose coats have a tendency to get very matted easily.

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We have modern and spacious consult rooms with non-slip table tops so your pet will not be anxious or on a cold steel table during their examination by the vet! We also practice a very high standard of hygiene in our process of sterilising and cleaning our reception and consult rooms on an ongoing basis during the day to minimise any risks to our patients of contracting any contagious diseases while out at the vet.

consult room at bromhof vet
consult room at bromhof vet clinic